ASK 18 Erstflug

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Heute konnte ich den Erstflug mit der ASK 18 absolvieren. Der erste Eindruck ist sehr gut! Das Modell nimmt sehr gut Thermik an, lässt sich sehr eng kreisen und verhält sich im Schlepp und bei der Landung ausgesprochen gutmütig.

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  1. Asher Carmichael
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    Congratulations on the first flight! I have been following your thread on and I’m very interested in knowing if and when the 18 will be available as a kit for the US market. Fantastic work as usual.
    Asher Carmichael, Alabama, USA

    • Tom
      | Antworten

      Thank´s Asher,
      I´m planing a kit with a prefabricated fuselage steel framework, so it could be difficult to ship it to US.
      But it will takes many month before I launch the ASK 18 kit. I´ll post all news about the kit here.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Frits Textor
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    Tom ,
    Fantastic . I hope that I have inspiered you with my Ka 7 built , but you did it more professional .
    Good you did not use the stainless steel tubes . To weak .

    Congratulations Frits

    • Tom
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      Hello Frits,
      thank you! Yes, you inspired me with your wonderful Ka7!
      I hope to see you again soon in Holland!

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